About The Learning Project

The Learning Project

Providing strategic solutions to issues schools face in the 21st century, The Learning Project builds and cultivates meaningful relationships with each school that focus on continuous site-based workshops, in-classroom demonstration lessons, and data analysis. The Learning Project creates tailored solutions and curriculum upgrades for classrooms and campuses while integrating relevant child development and education research to bring schools the most substantive solutions. Since it began in 2008, The Learning Project has worked with nearly 40 schools across the nation.

By focusing on the needs of 21st century learners and Common Core Standards, our solutions increase student achievement, engage educators, and transform schools.

The professional learning sessions The Learning Project offers are individually designed for schools and teachers to best meet their needs and honor initiatives. Unlike other consulting companies, our focus is on long term, sustainable action plans and effective training so that a meaningful relationship is established between The Learning Project and schools and desired outcomes aren’t just talked about but actually happen! Our purpose focuses on the core of what education is all about: cultivating critical, creative, confident thinkers.

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