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6 Ways Writing With Design Helps You ACE the Common Core Writing Standards

6 Ways Writing With Design Helps You ACE the Common Core Writing Standards

Writing with Design:

1. Aligns 100% to Common Core Standards
As Writing with Design is implemented, you can rest assured your students are mastering every writing skill. From the writing prompts to the rubrics to the skill focus activities, every aspect of Writing with Design focuses on the Core.

2. Makes Writing Accessible for Every Student
Whether students are 5 or 15, our approach lets you meet every student where they are and grow their writing skills to impressive levels. Within a year of implementation, students will be ready to articulate well their thoughts in writing on any next generation assessment.

3. Incorporates Relevant and Meaningful Writing Across the Curriculum
Since Common Core believes that every teacher is a literacy teacher, Writing with Design provides opportunities for high quality writing in every class. With lengths of writing activities spanning one sentence to essay-length, we make it practical to incorporate meaningful and doable writing into every class anytime.

4. Creates a School Culture Focused on High Quality Writing
Our approach teaches students the structures and strategies of strong writers. Since we focus on quality, students quickly learn what it takes to write with sophistication and voice. With the same rubrics used to assess writing in every class, expectations remain high every time students write.

5. Provides Relevant and Real Time Feedback from Writing Analysts
We let you know how students are performing three times per year through formal writing feedback from skilled writing analysts. Plus you will have access to students’ scores on writing assessments and assignments on our web-based software, allowing you see real progress in real time.

6. Gives You Everything You Need to Confidently Teach Writing
A comprehensive manual + a constantly growing online bank of resources = everything you need to effectively teach and incorporate writing in your content area, from introducing a writing prompt to honing specific stylistic skills. No other program supports teachers with as many ready-to-use and purposeful writing activities as Writing with Design. Plus, ongoing support via follow-up workshops, webinars, and online chats provide you with the support to make teaching writing enjoyable and purposeful. We work with schools for several years to cultivate a strong writing culture that lasts and lasts.

Ok, 7 reasons why…

7. Cultivates a Love of Writing in Students
Be prepared to be amazed as students become eager, confident writers! Teachers often comment that students ask to write about activities throughout day because they have the skills to convey their thoughts and want to showcase what they can do.


Want to become a better teacher?

Then get out of the classroom! Get out into the world! Get uncomfortable! Get moving to experience new cultures, traditions, and places. My first experience teaching was in Bilbao, Spain, as an English teacher for Basque and Spanish children.

English, the community hoped, would be a uniting language for the two divergent cultures. For my second teaching experience, I found myself in the Nyanga township outside of Cape Town, South Africa. With one tap of running water for every 7,000 residents and no compulsory school, I often found myself with many more students coming to learn than on the roster. The picture to the right is of me with several students. In both places, while my title was teacher, I can safely say I was doing most of the learning.

I am forever grateful for my international teaching experiences not because they were easy (that certainly wasn’t the case!!), but because they were precisely the opposite. They made me uncomfortable. They challenged me. They tested me. Upon returning to the States, I was eager to share the riches of these places with more students.

Fast forward three years, I was feeling the need to travel and learn again. While teaching 4th grade , I was selected as an fellow for the Fund for Teachers Travel Grant, which granted me the amazing opportunity to travel to 11 European countries wit

h a colleague. My teaching was yet again forever changed because of what I learned outside of the classroom walls. Upon returning from my summer abroad, I found I was more creative, more patient, more global in my thinking. Of course this had a positive ripple effect on my teaching.

Here are a few sites to get you started in finding funding for your trip abroad:

Global Teacher Fellowship

Earthwatch Fellowship

Fulbright-Hayes Abroad Seminars

It is important as educators to never stop being learners, to holdfast to insatiable curiosity and a love of all things challenging and different. So get out there. Travel someplace that requires a passport. Eat strange foods. Visit unfamiliar places where English isn’t the predominant language. Your students will thank you.Happy travels!


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