Writing by Design

A developmental approach

Research indicates that for many students, writing development plateaus after second grade. The length may increase, but the quality and the sophistication often do not. Through a strategic progression of writing skills and activities that are aligned with the Common Core Standards, Writing with Design provides a developmental approach to teaching students how to effectively write impressive expository and narrative pieces that range from short answer responses to long essays in every content area. With a focus on high quality content and using Mind Designs to build writing, Writing with Design prepares preK-8th grade students for writing across the curriculum, assessment writing, and most importantly, life long writing.

 Writing with Design’s Components:

  1. On site sessions with teachers to provide training, classroom demonstrations, and resources to effectively teach writing
  2. Formal writing assessments administered each trimester and scored on diagnostic rubrics
  3. Data analysis of rubric results and corresponding instructional strategies provided to teachers

Every teacher is a writing teacher.

With Common Core’s focus on writing across the curriculum, every teacher is a writing teacher. Writing with Design provides a developmental cross-curricular approach to teaching writing in preK-8th grade. Writing with Design improves students’ writing skill sets and transforms the writing culture at schools to cultivate long-term writing achievement.

Your search is over!

Writing with Design is the most comprehensive, complete, and Common Core aligned writing program available. How do we know? We are classroom teachers and writing coaches who searched for a program to meet our needs. When we didn’t find it, we designed it.

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