Thoughts on Sandy Hook’s Heroes


What occurred in an elementary school last week is inescapable. It resonates with every indivdual who has learned of the event. As a classroom teacher and now as director for TLP, I can only hope I would have been as brave and selfless as Principal Hochsprung, Mrs. Sherlach, Miss Soto, Miss Rousseau, Mrs. Murphy, and Miss D’Avino.

I struggle with whether this senseless killing should be national news with nonstop media coverage magnifying the suffering. Knowing the specific timeline of the morning does not help with healing, only vivifies the nightmare.

Instead, what should be national news every day are profiles of the phenomenal women and men across this country who welcome students into their classrooms, who teach children to write and read, think and create; who spend their own money to make their classrooms incredible places; who worry about the wellbeing of “their kids;” who put in long hours long after the dismissal bell to tutor, prepare tomorrow’s experiment, and run the arts club. I have the honor of working with them across this grand country.

The teachers and administrators at Sandy Hook Elementary are heroes. And I know thousands more teachers and administrators who would have acted with the same selfless bravery. To every teacher and administrator, The Learning Project salutes you.

I encourage us all to spend more time celebrating, thanking, and supporting the phenomenal educators in this country than watching media coverage about this senseless act. Check out Donor’s Choose to be inspired and support teachers across this country. Read this. Follow #26acts, #20acts, and #SHES on Twitter to see how others are honoring the spirits of the amazing women and children who lost their lives last week.

Schools are safe places. Teachers work tirelessly to educate and cultivate young minds. Our country is an amazing place full of compassionate people. I find solace in remembering that every act of compassion counts far more than any awful act.

While there is much to process and learn from this horrific event, there is no doubt about the incredible work educators perform every day, all day.