Student Teacher, February 2013

Yesterday, I introduced the students to levels 1-3 of the Classifying Design, and they picked it up right away. They could tell it was going to be useful to them …

2nd Grade Teacher, December 2013

Thanks so much for all the feedback on my students’ writing! I am so proud of how they are doing with TLP-inspired activities! Their whole attitude has changed …

ELA Coach, February 2012

You have such a beautiful spirit and I am so grateful to be one of the recipients of your rich and inspiring workshops. Your approach to writing will make a writer out of anyone!

Kindergarten teacher, May 2011

A new student joined our classroom in January. Today, during some testing, I stated “Look at all that you’ve learned!” His reply, ‘When I came here, I got smart. Those Designs made me smart!

8th Grade Student, May 2012

I used to hate writing. Now, I just use the Mind Designs and it helps me get my thoughts down. A lot of times, I can’t believe I wrote what I wrote because it sounds so amazing!


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