Zzzzz No More Snooze Writing

When writing is assigned just to check off the requirement, mindful cultivation of skills isn’t fostered. In those instances, students who are strong writers find the task easy and those who haven’t found their voices as writers find even the shortest written response intimidating. In both cases, students are pressing the writing snooze button, sleeping through the opportunity to hone their skills and refine their writing. It is up to teachers to sound the alarm when it comes to the importance of hiqh quality  writing, whether it’s a 3 sentence short answer response, a blog post, or a term paper. It is up to teachers, as instructional leaders, to select specific writing skills to focus on and guide students to explore and incorporate within their writing. Great writing isn’t developed within one class hour one day. Rather, through systematic, designed skill instruction, high quality writing can be cultivated in every student from kindergarten through high school. Writing with Design’s Skill Focus Areas provide teachers the specific skills and activities to wake students up to the possibilities of sophisticated, impressive writing. The alarm is sounding don’t press the snooze.